Background and Goals

This year, Chariofare is taking on the theme “Kindred Hearts”! The recent tragedies and issues that have taken the world by surprise has made an immediate call for the generosity of the general public. We’re all not very different from one another and it’s time we join hands and kindle hope in the hearts of people to make a real difference.

We are launching a series of 8 different projects that ranges from a thrift store and PUBG tournaments, which will be carried out in the next few months. We trust that there’s an event here for everyone!

Funds raised will be directed to the IMU COVID19 Fund which we have set up during the MCO for donors to make donations to. All monies in this Fund will be utilised to help rebuild the lives of COVID19-affected communities in a sustainable way. Some of these communities have been identified and we will update this soon.

We aim to support communities that are affected by the pandemic not just only through fundraising to our Covid-19 fund for the causes we have identified, but also, we have incorporated local businesses and communities into our projects to assist them in a sustainable method. We aim to identify all ranges of audiences to support and educated communities throughout these hard times and hopefully have a positive influence for everyone that participates!

General Inquiries

We can be contacted through

Feel Free to send us any of your questions or queries!

  1. Check out the home page of our website and scroll down to the “Buy Tickets” section where you will be able to find all the products we have on sale at the moment
  2. Click on the product or project of your preference and add your desire product to your cart.
  3. After you finished adding your products to your cart, you can proceed to check out and fill in your information and complete the payment process. 
  4. If you encounter any problems please contact our team through any of the project Instagram accounts or the main Chariofare Instagram accounts as well as the email and Facebook option.
  5. Each Project’s Instagram have visualised representations of the registration process, please check them out if you are not sure with the registration process!

You can find more details about the Projects on our individual project Instagram accounts listed below!