Feel the Beat

Feel The Beat

Place your hand on your heart and feel it beating. Your heartbeat resonates with the rhythm of music that will be encapsulated by this event.

15 August - 13 November 2021


Feel the Beat is a charity concert which aims to spread love through music. It draws parallels between music and heartbeat, where the pulsation is said to sooner or later start synchronising to the rhythm of the tune.

There are four categories, namely solo singing, solo dance, group singing (acapella, band, duet) and group dance. Participants go through rounds of elimination based on the discretion of the panel of judges, as well as open voting via the Feel the Beat Instagram account (@feelthebeat_2021). To top it off, finalists from the second round of elimination are to perform ‘live’ on finale night.

Registration Fees Payment

Fill up the order form with desired items based on what’s posted on our IG @wishuponagift_2021


  1. Only recordings with no special effects (tiktok filters, green screen background, voice changer) will be accepted, editing is allowed as long as it does not change the originality of your performance.
  2. All submitted recordings cannot be more than nine months prior to the application submission date.
  3. Kindly introduce yourself by stating your name and competition category. Your introduction will not be counted within the time limit of your video.
  4. In all videos, participants’ face and hands (if any instruments are being played) MUST be clearly visible at all times. Participants for the dance categories MUST ensure that their full body length is visible throughout the video. Kindly refer to the example here.
  5. Professional recording is not mandatory, however the submitted recording must be of reasonable video and audio quality with minimal background noise.
  6. Videos should be 1 to 2 minutes long for solo categories and 2 to 3 minutes for groups. However, you are allowed to exceed the time to not more than 5 minutes. Please note that we will only be posting 2 minutes of your video for our Instagram open voting session. We will show your best performance within the 2-minute mark.
  7. For Round 3 video submission (for Finale Night), all videos in all categories can be longer but not more than 5 minutes.
  8. Please upload the videos in ‘mov’ or ‘mp4’ format
  9. Any videos which contain inappropriate language or expressions, elements of racism or any unethical behaviour, will be disqualified.

Yes, all participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. All finalists and winners will be accorded prizes and Certificates of Commendation.

  1. All videos submitted will be 60% assessed by total score from open voting and 40% by judging for the 1st and 2nd round.
  2. During the final round, the scores given by the judging panel will contribute 100% of the total score.
  3. Fairness and transparency will be shown throughout the competition.
  4. All participants will be notified of the result of each round of the competition.
  5. The result for the 1st round will be announced on the 17th OCTOBER 2021.
  6. The result for the 2nd round will be announced on the 7th NOVEMBER 2021.
  7. The result for the final round will be announced on the 13th NOVEMBER 2021 where there will be a livestream of the performances.

All finalists and winners will be announced on the Feel the Beat Instagram account (@feelthebeat_2021).

Finalists from elimination round 1 – 17 October 2021

Finalists from elimination round 24 October – 7 November 2021

Winners – Finale night

 Judges’ decision is final and no appeal will be entertained.

All decisions concerning Feel the Beat 2021 will remain the responsibility of the Organising Committee of the event and the committee reserves the right to make all final decisions in the event of any dispute.

Feel the Beat 2021 has sole rights over all competition recordings. By participating in this competition, you grant permission in perpetuity of your images and audio recordings in IMU’s publicity and marketing materials. You understand that your performance could additionally be used in various print, video or online media.

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