Quizzine Royale

Think you know everything? Test out your knowledge from 14 August 2020.


Quizine Royale is a Trivia Night. The nights will adhere to the themes which will be decided based on votes from a survey done previously. Our main target audience are students however, we also welcome the general public as well.

About the Project

Start Date: 15 August 2020

Channel: Zoom

We will decide on a particular quiz platform and use the “share screen” feature on Zoom so that the participants can take place.

Prizes: Online Vouchers


There will be a total of 4 seasons (with 2 nights session within each season) in the next 4 months. Points will be accumulated until the end of the season to determine the champion of our Trivia Battle

There will be 40 questions for every session. And each session will be approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Each season will feature different themes ranging from:

  1. General Knowledge/Social issues
  2. Disney Movie Trivia
  3. Guess the phrase from emojis
  4. Meme based quiz

Registration Fees: RM10 for 2 nights – one time payment

Target Participants

  • From IMU
  • General Public
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Quizzine Royale Season 1
15 Aug 2020 and 29 Aug 2020

Quizzine Royale Season 2
12 Sep 2020 and 26 Sep 2020

Quizzine Royale Season 3
10 Oct 2020 and 24 Oct 2020

Quizzine Royale Season 4
7 Nov 2020 and 21 Nov 2020