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Step into a world of fact or fiction from 14 August 2020


Life is full of stories. Or maybe life is only stories ~ Ruth Ozeki

Before stories were written, they were spoken and performed. Our ancestors gathered around the fire to listen, watch and share the stories of their daily struggles and nightly dreams for millennia. Stories are a means of passing on knowledge from one compatriot to another, a generation to the next. Knowing our origins and our cultural background can help us develop and establish our core identity, giving us a strong sense of who we are. Today, we may not feel as connected by the stories and legends of our ancestors. However, the ancient art remains. This Storytelling Project hopes to reconnect people to our ancestors from ages past through the art of storytelling. Speakers will be invited to share their journeys and stories through our online platform in line with a common monthly theme. Let us step into the world of story.

About the Project

Happening: August – November
Channel: YouTube Exclusive


  • Recorded by the speakers
  • Uploaded by the Chariofare Organising Team


  1. Domestic Abuse
    In this theme, we are collaborating with the IMU drama club to present a series of videos that re-enact real-life stories shared by domestic abuse survivors. With this, we hope to raise public awareness on this serious social issue as well as bring strength and healing to the survivors. SHARE YOUR STORY HERE 

  2. Social Media (Cyber Bullying)
    Nowadays, social media has greatly integrated into our daily lives. It is a platform that connects people regardless of our distance. However, when there is good, there is always bad. In this theme, we will be having influencers to share their personal opinions regarding the benefits of utilizing the social media along with its downside.

  3. Business During Covid-19/ Entrepreneurship
    For this series, we are inviting Malaysian entrepreneurs to share on how they build and grow a business.  At the meantime, talk about their experiences in maintaining their business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. Loss of Heritage
    Have you ever wondered the lifestyle of an Orang Asli? Here, we will be revealing the daily life of an Orang Asli, their beautiful tradition and cultures as well as the issues they face in this fast paced modern society.


  • With our IMU Drama Club
  • Inviting speakers and influencers based locally and internationally

What You Need To Know

In the form of videos, speakers will be invited to film a video about the theme, and the video will be shared through Youtube.
Real-life stories and experiences based on our monthly theme.
There will be 3-4 videos per theme.
From social issues to entrepreneurship and chasing dreams, our themes surround subjects that are close to our daily lives.
We will share a registration link after revealing the themes and you can register based on the theme that you are interested in.
  • It’s RM20 per theme.
  • All proceeds will be directed to communities affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. In Timeless Tales, we hope to create stronger bonds between humans by empathy whilst forging trust, and creating deeper connections. After all, we all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people other than storytelling.

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Channel: YouTube

Registration Fee: RM20 per theme

Target Participants: The general public