What is Chariofare?

Establishment of IMU Chariofare Charity Run

The concept of Chariofare has progressed since it first originated in 2012. It began with the simple yet caring idea of running for a cause to raise funds in support of the University’s charity partners who do what they do best – serving and caring for the less fortunate.

Since 2001, however, a series of community-directed activities have been organised yearly under the banner of ‘IMU Cares’, and it is indeed heartwarming that Chariofare remains a key highlight and an enriching experience for IMU staff and students alike. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Chariofare has further evolved with an exciting twist! It is now a year-long project with many creative and innovative ideas put together by the Organising Committee.

Chariofare 2021

Admittedly, we are faced with numerous restrictions and uncertainties during this unprecedented pandemic. Nonetheless, Chariofare will continue to take on a different approach in raising funds and spreading awareness, while staying true to our core values of helping different communities in Malaysia. The Organising Committee is committed to bringing you a host of fun-filled events and activities from August to December 2021, and your participation will not only be humbling and rewarding for yourself, but it will inevitably inspire those in need to take little steps of hope for a brighter and better tomorrow. 

By extending kindness and warmth especially in these challenging times, we believe that Chariofare will leave an even more lasting impression and impact. Remaining steadfast in our spirit of giving and helping communities is, afterall, the heartbeat of Chariofare each year. This year, funds raised will be channeled to three major causes, which are cancer-stricken children, victims of mental health issues and women in need. By collaborating with relevant non-profit  organisations, we will use funds raised to organise various activities relating to our causes and beneficiaries.

Chariofare 2021


Cancer-Stricken Children

It is our goal to create a little more joy in the life of children battling with cancer by relieving some of the stress, fear and loneliness that they are faced with. 

Victims of Mental Health Issue

With the pandemic still looming over us, there is a sudden surge in rising suicide cases  that needs to be tackled. The internal confrontations and struggles one faces during isolation no doubt induces fear and helplessness. Thus, we aim to spread awareness about the vulnerability of such individuals and the rise in the number of cases.

Women In Need

With the goal to further empower women in the community, we would like to equip them with the necessary skills to be self-sufficient in the long run.