What is Chariofare?

Establishment of IMU Chariofare Charity Run
It is originated from the idea of running for a cause and aims to raise funds to support the university’s charity partners, so they can focus on what they do best – serving and caring for the less fortunate. IMU has organised a series of community-directed activities under the banner of “IMU Cares” since 2001.

After so many years, IMU Chariofare remains the biggest and longest-running flagship project in IMU with the carnival and run being one of the highlights for staff’s and students’ experience in IMU each year. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chariofare will not be having its usual carnival and run but instead, there will be an exciting twist to it with creative and innovative ideas from our Chariofare Organising Committee this year!

Chariofare 2020

This year, Chariofare is taking a different approach to raise funds and awareness.

Traditionally, IMU’s Chariofare has always been a run and a carnival. However, this year we want to instil and practice social distancing to avoid mass gatherings so that we can do our part to flatten the curve. Therefore, we have decided that we will no longer be hosting the run and carnival this year.

Fret not, as we aim to maintain Chariofare’s core values of helping different communities in Malaysia. We will be organising a series of fundraisers to aid the communities affected by the current pandemic. The Chariofare 2020 team is still committed to bringing you fun-filled projects which will run throughout July to December 2020 that will surely brighten your day!

We believe Chariofare this year will still be a success as the spirit of giving and helping communities in need, which is the heartbeat of Chariofare each year, will continue to be adopted by all in IMU. This year, the funds we raise will also be channeled to the IMU Covid-19 Fund and used specifically to support and assist communities affected badly by the Covid-19 pandemic. So far, we have selected two communities which we will be supporting and they are:



The Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled

The Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, who has seen a drop of donations to support their operations to empower people with disabilities;

Community Transformation Initiative Malaysia

Community Transformation Initiative Malaysia who works among the urban poor community who have a significant loss of income in Petaling Jaya. Their mission is to bring about sustainable and positive changes by implementing strategies and programs designed to break the poverty cycle, restore wholeness, to instill hope and empower communities by building opportunities through Livelihood, Education and Health programmes.