Wish Upon a Gift

Wish Upon a Gift

Especially when in isolation, even a simple gift is most appreciated because it depicts the love and care that transcends all boundaries

16 August – 31 December 2021


Wish Upon A Gift was started to aid small and local businesses of those in underprivileged communities by selling their products. To better adapt to the “new normal”, this year’s initiative will support local businesses and NGOs in broadening their customer bases. We are creating customised gift boxes containing their products for different occasions such as celebrating birthdays, festivities, or a simple gift to show gratitude to those who have always been there for us. 

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Fill up the order form with desired items based on what’s posted on our IG @wishuponagift_2021


Most of our products come from small or local businesses that help underprivileged communities such as @7tea1, @knotjustheadbands and Tender Hearts Cafe. So, let us support them!

In sharing a bit about each vendor, we are able to increase awareness of their circumstances and plight, and hope more among the public will come forward to support them. By purchasing their products, we are also helping increase their revenue stream and allowing them to gain more income.

No, unfortunately we are not able to deliver overseas.

We offer postage services within West Malaysia and to East Malaysia. All deliveries are dispatched on Mondays. Hence, orders have to be received before then. It would typically take between 3 to 7 days to receive goods purchased. However, if you need to receive your order sooner, do get in touch with us and we will be happy to try and expedite it for you.

Our gift boxes will have slightly different packaging in different festive seasons, but unfortunately they cannot be changed. However, you may customize your gift box by adding a greeting line on our gift card by adding only RM1!

No, the goods are not refundable.

If there are any damages to the goods purchased, kindly send us pictures of the damaged goods.

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