Your Atuk's Closet

Your Atuk's Closet

At Your Atuk’s Closet, you will find some of your favourite outfits, which are not just sustainable but in trend too!

6 September - 15 December 2021


This online thrift store sells pre-loved clothing in good condition and at more reasonable prices. In line with the current trend, Your Atuk’s Closet allows fashion-lovers to buy their favourite pieces from the comfort of their own homes, with the promise that it will be delivered safely. Stay tuned for our ongoing seasonal sales

Moreover, find out below how you can participate in our Atuk’s Outfit of The Day (OOTD) Challenge.

  • Tops

    T-shirts, jackets, cardigans, outerwear, any other tops

  • Bottoms

    Pants, skirts, shorts, skorts

  • One-pieces

    Dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, any other one-pieces

  • Accessories

    Scarves, bags, sunglasses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets

  • Accessories


  • Headwear

    Scrunchies, headbands, hijabs, hats

  • Lingerie

    Underwear, sports bras, any sort of innerwear, sleepwear/nightwear

  • Misc

    Devices, appliances, electronics, furniture, luggage, food

  • Swimsuits

  • Unwearable clothing

  • Makeup

  • Children’s clothes


No, there will not be any promotional benefits for donations of items made to Your Atuk’s Closet. If you represent a local business or thrift shop and would like to partner with us, however, feel free to contact us for further discussion.

No, unfortunately we are not able to deliver overseas.

We offer postage services within West Malaysia and to East Malaysia. It would typically take between XX and XX days to receive goods purchased. Purchasers are to bear their own standard delivery costs.

No, there is no warranty and goods are not refundable.

If there are any damages to the goods purchased, kindly send us pictures of the damaged goods.

Prizes will be revealed on the Your Atuk’s Closet Instagram account (@youratukscloset_2021) closer to the Challenge period

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